RUC harassment intensifies against Republican Sinn Féin members

On Saturday, September 1, a member of Republican Sinn Féin in Tyrone was assaulted and arrested during another in a long line of stop and search operations. He has now been released but must appear in court on September 25 on charges of disorderly behavior, resisting police and assault on police.
During this “stop and search” our member was taken from his car, thrown to the ground and then had two pairs of handcuffs put on him. After being handcuffed the police threw him against their own vehicle while in the process of placing him in their car.
Viewed on its own this is an indication of the older tactics of the unreformed RUC, but this is part of an ongoing two-year, process of intimidation of this individual. Earlier this year he was arrested from his home and charged with breaking a curfew conditions that had been placed on him and his comrades after the Easter parade was attacked by the same sectarian RUC police force. Luckily for him he had CCTV footage showing the RUC had lied to the court, strangely (or not so), no action has been taken against the lying police for this act of perjury.
The actions of the RUC in this case, and in the many other cases of harassment, assault, bigotry and perjury, will not deter our activists, we remain resolute in our resolve to rid our land of all vestiges of British rule, we will build a better Ireland.
Daire MacCionnaith


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