Statement from Republican POWs

Statement from Republican POWs, Roe House, Maghaberry Jail Co Antrim.
Republican POWs are deeply frustrated at the deliberate attempts to sabotage progress through the stock take. Even at an early stage it has become evident that there is little willingness on the part of the jail administration to commit to the complete implementation of the August 2010 agreement,
The administration have shown this week what they deem a gesture of ”good faith” which in reality was a slap in the face and a step backwards.
Their gesture was an increase of one POW per landing which in turn should have made the number of POWs out on the landing at any one time to eight, but this is not the case; for example if one of the landing were free there would still be only four POWs allowed out on the opposite landing. This stems from a fools interpretation and treating the landings as separate units rather as a single unit. The stocktake is further hampered by political interference from the DUP who bring to the fore their narrow-minded and blatant bigotry.
These mindless zombie’s in Stormont are providing cover to the POA whilst they conduct a campaign of intimation with the intention of scrapping the agreement, this is evident from today when the so-called search team came onto our landings, locked all the POWs in the canteen and then proceeded to turn our cells upside down , Republican POWs see today’s events as bully boy tactic’s  from a gang of thugs whose sole aim is to raise tension’s on the Republican wings.
It is impetrative that the gaol administration take genuine steps to implement the agreement starting with treating the landings as one unit.
November 20, 2014

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