Statement From CIRA POWs Maghaberry 05/01/2015

Statement from CIRA POWs Maghaberry Goal

We the CIRA POWs in Maghaberry jail at this time wish to make our position abundantly clear. on, firstly the isolation of Republican POWs and secondly of criminals masquerading as Republicans.

We fully support Gavin Coyle, Barry Pettigrew and Liam McDonnell who are the only Republicans we know of being held in isolation or elsewhere within Maghaberry. We reiterate our stance that they belong on the Republican landings with their comrades; we once again state our unequivocal support and solidarity with them, we will continue to their their plight and push for their transfer to the Republican landings.

On this next matter we wish to make our position very clear in the relation to the recent arrests of a criminal gang who are attempting to masquerade as the CIRA. These individuals do not belong to the Continuity Irish Republican Army. Their only goal is an MI5 led incursion, with the sole aim of destroying the Republican Movement. Their criminal exploits are well known in our communities so it would be very hypocritical and unethical on a point of principle to allow this masquerade to continue within this jail.

We will take every action necessary to protect our status and our Movement from these criminals. Some of these men were responsible for death threats against well respectable veteran Republicans, targeted because they saw through their criminal ways. They also facilitated a ‘so called’ republican guard of honour to a Limerick drug dealer who shot himself while playing with a gun during a party.

One of these men originally from Belfast was previously denied access to Roe 3 and 4 in 2010 despite the fact that he had embarked on a hunger strike. He has in the past been a ‘so called’ member of a number of different groups claiming to be Republican and were nothing more than a same criminal gang changing their name in an attempt to disrupt and destroy the name of Republicanism.

We wish to make it clear these men ARE NOT Republicans in particular Joe ‘Tiny’ Lynch who is nothing short of a criminal god father from Limerick who has close connects with feuding Limerick drug gangs.

To give these people support would be catastrophic to Republicanism as a whole.

Signed OC CIRA POW Maghaberry
January 5, 2014


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