Time for Scotland to break the connection with England

On September 18 the Scottish people will have an opportunity to break the connection with England and begin the vital work of re-establishing their historic nationhood. Asaoralba3powerful array of forces have been ranged against an independent Scotland; Westminster, the EU, and lately the financial sector, including the Bank of England, have all joined in a campaign of fear designed to frighten the Scottish people from asserting their inherent right to nationhood. While as Irish Republicans we believe that the right to nationhood is inalienable and does not stand or fall on the basis of a referendum, we respect the right of the people of Scotland to use this mechanism to express their support for independence. We urge the people of Scotland not to be deflected by such nefarious methods and to vote yes on September 18.

An independent Scotland, with control of its natural resources could take its place alongside a free Ireland in a league of Celtic nations cooperating on a range of areas, economically and politically and in defence of their common national interests.
The creation of an independent Scottish nation state will be a major advance for national democracy and will serve to inspire similar demands in Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man and Brittany.

The links between Ireland and Scotland are deep. At many points in our history we have each assisted the other in our respective struggles for independence. In the early 1970s the late Ruairí Ó Brádaigh was approached by Scottish nationalists who wished to support the struggle for Irish freedom, they asked what was the most practical thing they could to help Ireland, Ruairí replied instantly that getting independence for Scotland was the most practical way to help the cause of Irish independence. We urge the members of the Irish community in Scotland to come out in support of the campaign for a Yes vote and the Scottish people to size this opportunity to assert their historic right to nationhood.



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