Reality of British Rule {RSF Statement}

Preas Ráitheas / Press Release

“The possibility of having your door kicked in at any time of any day, your belongings ransacked, personal items taken away is a daily reality for republicans across the occupied six counties. For some, if you are a former political prisoner, the possibility of having your licence revoked if you question the status quo is a lingering consideration to keep you in line. Think of Martin Corey who spent over four years without even a reason for his arrest. Unrelenting Stop and Searches under draconian legislation, even of children and their schoolbags is the unspoken reality of the Good Friday Agreement. Relatives and those with no involvement in any group are being lifted on the streets by the RUC/PSNI colonial police. In ever increasing acts of intimidation it is them and the wider communities of revolutionary activists who suffer this reality of ongoing British rule.

Earlier today in keeping with the consistency witnessed this year, Republican Sinn Féin members and also relatives of members came under attack from the colonial police of British rule.

In Tyrone our members have counted over seventy stop and searches in the last 8 weeks. Their homes are under constant surveillance, have been raided, one member cannot even walk down the street or he is stopped, held up and searched. A visible police presence is outside their homes, sometimes all night on weekends. Recently we covered how the home of an RSF member was attacked, there is heavy suspicion of collusion here due to the fact that the usual police presence was nowhere to be seen until after the attack. All of this is being monitored by Republican Sinn Féin, we urge that all instances of suspect behavior from this unaccountable police force be passed onto local Republican activists.

On the 19 of October 2016, Republican Sinn Féin was yet again targeted in Lurgan, North Armagh. The British raided a number of homes, including the home of RSF members. Areas surrounding Drumbeg were searched as the area was swamped by RUC/PSNI landrovers and the TSG, nothing was found. For a period the Helicopter was hovering over Craigavon, nothing unusual here only discriminate intimidation of an entire community. The People have had enough, but will not be broken. History teaches that and born a great resolve in the Irish spirit.

It is evidently clear that the forces of imperialism fear the message of revolutionary Irish republicanism. This intimidation reminds us of a famous saying by Mahatma Gandhi, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Those who believe in Irish Freedom have witnessed it all. All across Ireland, in both neo-colonial and colonial states the police, these enforcers of odious capitalist laws are being used to harass and intimidate Irish people who voice injustice on whatever front.

We believe we are right, and we will win. This harassment will fail.”

Críoch / ENDS

Seán Ó Dubhláin, National PRO, Sinn Féin Poblachtach

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