POWs Remember the H-block hunger strike.

In memory of the 1981 H-Block hunger strike.

‘Beannacht leat, a comradai.’ – Óglach Bobby Sands to Óglach Patsy O’Hara, May 1981.

The 1981 hunger strike was and remains to this day a painful and emotional time for Irish Republicans, and especially for us, Republican POWs, within the confines of Maghaberry jail today, where
day and daily we face down British occupation in Ireland and confront the restrictive regime imposed on Irish Republican Prisoners of War.

In tribute to our comrades, who even while imprisoned struggled to the death for freedom, justice and the 5 demands, Cogús Republican Political Prisoners along with CIRA POWs, Roe 3, Maghaberry jail will honour and remember the sacrifice, the discipline, the pain and the families of those ten brave revolutionaries.

On the date that each of the hunger strikers sadly passed, Cogús and CIRA POWs will wear a black ribbon and hold a minute silence alongside a portrait of the said hunger striker. A POW will then read out a detailed biography of that hunger strikers life and struggle for National Liberation, allocated Republican Prisoners will then commence a 24 hour fast in memory of that hunger strikers life.

Then ten vigils will begin on the 5th May and end on August 20th, culminating in a comprehensive and constructive debate by POWs within Roe 3, of the history of the use of hunger strike protest in Ireland.

To the families of the hunger strikers we send you our deepest sympathies as you remember your loves ones.

Maghaberry Gaol
May 5th 2015

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