Statement from Cabhair Prisoners, Roe 3

Issued: 12th July 2014

As Republican prisoners we abide by a strict etiquette of honour, honesty and discipline. At all times we have honoured our word and have gave the Prison regime room to implement their side of any agreement we reached with them.

To date the Prison regime have not implemented the agreed end to controlled movement amonst other things agreed upon, thus proving they are not to be trusted and their modus operandi is the criminalisation of Republican Prisoners.

The lastest attempt to criminalise Republican Prisoners concerns visiting arrangements. At present POW’s can sit in a “booth” beside their families, hold their children and maintain strong family relationships. The Prison Regime is working now on changing the outlay and number of tables available for a visit. They plan to have a metal round table, with one seat for Prisoners and three seats at the other side of the table for visitors, this will be completely open plan. The seat for prisoners will even go as far as being a different colour, no longer will families be able to sit together, privacy will be completely removed and replaced with a sterile and clinical atmosphere resulting in a formal style visit of prisoners with their families and friends.

Many Prisoners have children and this will seriously impact on the quality time they can spend with them and could lead to an estrangement, having to visit their fathers in such an alien, unnatural and restrictive environment.

We, as Republican prisoners will not be criminalised and so cannot and will not accept this arrangement. We will refuse all visits that are conducted in this manner, as we will not allow the prison regime to humiliate us or our families. We would point to the will of Republican Prisoners in the past who previously asserted their rights as political prisoners not to be criminalised, like those before us we are prepared and we will not capitualte or be forced into an unacceptable regime at the Prison.

The proposal stops short of imposing a partition between prisoners and visitors, we believe this is only the start of phasing in a complete criminalisation policy against Republicans. We will not be found wanting in our resitance and we urge the Public to get behind us in this campaign. The work has already began on changing the Visting room, this policy could be implented in the next couple of weeks and so we urgently need support and the Republican people to highlight this for us.

Signed: O/C, C.I.R.A Prisoners, Maghaberry Gaol, July 2014

Republican POWs assaulted in Maghaberry jail by riot squad

The following statement was received from the CIRA POWs in Maghaberry Jail:

“A number of Republican POWs in Maghaberry Jail in Co Antrim were assaulted last night (Thursday, April 24) by the prison riot squad.

“Up to 100 members of the notorious search team with dogs stormed the canteen and yard areas ordering Republican POWs to lock up. The squad subsequently forcibly removed the POWs to their cells, assaulting them along the way, resulting in a number of them receiving injuries.

“The POWs have been engaged in a peaceful protest against controlled movement, forced strip searching and the refusal of the prison administration to move Gavin Coyle over to the Republican wing in Roe House.

“The OC of the CIRA POWs met with the wing PO this morning (Friday April 25) who told him if the POWs were not in their cells by 7.30pm every night they would be met with the same action from the prison riot squad”.

Republican Sinn Féin condemns this brutal assault on defenceless POWs. The ongoing protest for the restoration of political status will continue despite the best efforts of the prison warders and administration to bully the POWs into accepting criminal status.


Continuity Irish Republican Army POW’s commence 72-hour fast

In a statement on Monday, March 24, the POW Department of Republican Sinn Féin called for the transfer of Gavin Coyle from the isolation unit in Maghaberry to the Republican wing Roe House.

The CIRA POWs in Maghaberry Jail in Co Antrim are undertaking a 72-hour fast in support of Gavin Coyle is being held Care and Supervision Unit (CSU) in Maghaberry since April 2011. Gavin, who has been held in this area of the prison since he was remanded into custody, is looking for his immediate transfer to Roe House where the Republican POWs are housed.

During his time in Maghaberry several failed attempts have been made by MI5 to recruit him as an informer – a despicable practice facilitated by the regime in Maghaberry and the British government itself. The regime also lied about a threat to Gavin from other Republican POWs, this threat is untrue and unfounded . It has been confirmed to both the prison administration and the so called justice miniser David Ford that no threat on Gavin exists from and of the POW’s in Roe House. It is believed that this is merely a strategy of isolation by the RUC/MI5.

There is a threat to his health however, isolation is designed to break a prisoner, and the longer he is isolated the more pressure he is put under. The use of MI5 to try to intimidate a POW into becoming an informer is also used as pressure. This type of treatment breaks all the rules of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The CIRA POW’s will commence their fast from midnight on Monday, March 24, 2014.

The POW Department of Republican Sinn Féin demands the immediate transfer to Roe House of Gavin Coyle.

Statement from Maghaberry POWs to the 2013 Ard-Fheis:

We, the prisoners in Maghaberry jail send greetings to all those assembled at the 109th Ard-Fheis of Republican Sinn Fein in Dublin. Since we addressed you last, conditions in the jail have improved slightly but the core issues have not been resolved. We are Prisoners of War, Irish Republican prisoners and as such cannot and will not be criminalised despite the best efforts of the British government and their jailers.

We continue to campaign for full political status and rely on your support to achieve this. Republican prisoners face long and harsh sentences. Indeterminate sentences are now a common feature they are effectively life sentences and are a serious concern. We will not be deterred by this. We are prisoners due to the British rule in our country and until the British occupation is removed there will always be Republican prisoners and they will always need your support.

This year we have lost two of our great Irish heroes, Ruairi O Bradaigh and Joe O’Neill. We take inspiration from their life of service to the All-Ireland Republic and pledge to honour their memory by our own determination to achieve their ambitions. With the passing of these two Irish iconic patriots, we would like to acknowledge the current leadership and the task they have before them and further reaffirm our loyalty from within these prison walls.

Signed O/C, Continuity Irish Republican Army POW’s

Maghaberry Jail. November 2013.


CABHAIR Christmas Day Swim, Dublin (2013).

37 years underwater….

CABHAIR SWIM2The CABHAIR organisation will, for the 37th consecutive year, hold a sponsored swim in Dublin (Inchicore) on Christmas Day 2013.

On Christmas Day next (Wednesday 25th December 2013) at 12 noon, the CABHAIR organisation will, for the 37th successive year, hold a sponsored swim at the 3rd Lock of the Grand Canal, at Inchicore, Dublin (opposite Kelly’s ‘Blackhorse Inn’ pub).

All money raised at this event goes directly to the dependants of Irish Republican prisoners, as expenses are not claimed or taken by anyone involved.

A turf fire, Irish Rebel music, lemonade and mince pies for the kids and ‘soup’ for the adults will be provided, as usual, and Santa will more than likely pay the event a visit !

If you are in the area between 12 noon and 1pm, hungry, bored or hungover (or looking to acquire a hangover!) then give us a shout. And bring your togs…. !

A video from the 2012 Swim can be viewed here:

Other sponsored swims will be announced from around the country in due course and will be displayed here.

Michael Campbell & The Eu Presidency: Lithuanian Hypocrisy

On July 1, Lithuania has taken the Presidency of the Council of the European Union fromMichael 7the 26 Counties Administration in Dublin for the coming twelve months. On this day, the programme of the Lithuanian EU-Presidency has been published in Brussels. Referring to the illegal treatment of republican prisoner Michael Campbell and the inhumane treatment in prison, Republican Sinn Féin International Spokesperson Dieter Blumenfeld called the programme of the Lithuanian EU-Presidency as “pure hypocrisy”.

The programme of the Lithuanian EU-Presidency vows to safeguard “that the EU institutions remain active in their protection of fundamental human rights both within the EU and abroad“. The programme continues: “Regarding the Southern neighbourhood, Lithuania will support the EU focus on more effective implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy aiming at promoting democracy and inclusive and sustainable growth, based on promotion of human rights, especially the equal rights and freedoms of women, as well as closer cooperation with civil society.“ Furthermore the documents claims: “The EU is ready to take on leadership in protecting human rights.“

The chapter D “Justice and Home Affairs” starts with: “The Council dedicates particular attention to the protection of interests and the needs of citizens and other EU residents, in order to ensure respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms.”

In a statement, Dieter Blumenfeld, International Spokesperson of Republican Sinn Féin, said: “The whole document is pure hypocrisy. While the EU and the current EU-Presidency of Lithuania try to play the role of heralds of human rights and democracy, they hold an innocent Irish citizen under inhumane conditions in Lithuania. Not just that his basic human rights are continuously denied by the very government that produced this document. Michael Campbell should have never been sentenced in the first place. The whole process of coercion, incitement and setting traps is unlawful as such.

“While we demand the repatriation of Irish republican Michael Campbell, we are very aware of the fact that Michael Campbell should have never been sentenced in the first place. The whole court case was a farce, disreputable for a so-called democratic state in the 21st century. Thus, we call on all Irish republicans and their supporters in Europe and elsewhere to put pressure on the Lithuanian government. The unlawful refusal of Michael Campbell’s basic human rights must end immediately! We ask all our supporters to write letters to the Lithuanian embassy and consulate in your countries and demand justice for Irish republican prisoner Michael Campbell. We ask you to raise the case of Michael Campbell among your family, friends and in your workplace. Contact local, regional and national media outlets.

“Only a campaign of international pressure on the Lithuanian government can and ultimately will achieve justice and the repatriation of Michael Campbell”, Republican Sinn Féin International Spokesperson Dieter Blumenfeld said.


For confirmation: Dieter Blumenfeld,International PRO Republican Sinn Féin, 0043 664 556 18 68,


IRA POWs (Cabhair) set the record straight

images (3)FOLLOWING an internal discussion by CABHAIR-aligned prisoners a decision was taken to share facilities with Roe 4 prisoners, ie meals, gym facilities, exercise yard etc.

Disagreements arose with some prisoners in Roe House over the issues of parole and bail conditions. Some prisoners have recently accepted bail and conditions imposed by the prison authorities, i.e. drug tests have been taken, electronic tags accepted as parole conditions.

As Republicans we believe this is not acceptable as it is an attempt to criminalise our struggle. As some prisoners have accepted this, the prison is now using it as an excuse not to grant parole to other prisoners who are not accepting these conditions. We believe this is an attempt by the prison to foster disagreement and disunity among prisoners, to divide and conquer.

Within the prison the CIRA prisoners’ position has not changed. We are operating under our own command structure and we are fully aligned to the leadership of the Republican Movement, Republican Sinn Féin and CABHAIR. Republican Sinn Féin and CABHAIR remain the only people authorised to speak and fundraise on our behalf.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has been supportive of us in the past and ask that this support continues for us and CABHAIR.

Recently a CIRA prisoner, Damien McKenna of Lurgan, was refused parole to attend his son’s Communion, the reasons given was that he is a Category A prisoner, if released he would be a danger to the police and the public, also there was danger he would abscond. They also claimed he would not be eligible for parole until November.

These are used as excuses to deny parole, but they will use the issue of drug testing etc to block parole. This is the second time Damien has been refused parole. He was refused parole for his father’s funeral which shows the vindictiveness of the system.

At present the system of cooperation with Roe 4 prisoners is working efficiently, now we await the August 2010 agreement is to be fully implemented. We call on all Republican prisoners to work for the full implementation of the agreement.


Release of Marian Price welcomed

May 30, 2013.

“Not before time” is how Republican Sinn Féin welcomed the decision by the Parole Board in the Occupied Six Counties to release Marian Price on May 30, 2013.marianpricebig

For over two years the British authorities made Marion Prices’ life a living hell because she

Refused to bend to, or accept, British rule in Ireland.

Spurious charges were levelled against her and though granted bail by the courts, the British state refused to release her.Marion Price should never have been jailed in the first place.

We also take this opportunity to call for the immediate unconditional release of political hostage Martin Corey, from Maghaberry jail in Co Antrim. Like Marian, Martin should never have been arrested let alone interned for over three years. His attempts to find justice has been thwarted at every turn, the latest the refusal by the British to allow his case go to the Supreme Court in London.

Another young Republican prisoner faces an uncertain future with an indeterminate sentence hanging over his head. An inexcusable sentence, harsh in the extreme; a young man paying the price for being a Republican.

The blame for the imprisonment of Marian and Martin lies squarely with the British and their puppets in Stormont who implement British rule in Ireland and no amount of crocodile tears from former comrades – of both Marian and Martin – will ease or erase the suffering Marion has endured over the past two years.

We would like to finally welcome her home and wish her a speedy recovery and all the best for the future.

POW Department,Republican Sinn Féin.


Republican Sinn Féin POW Department


IN A statement [regarding the POWs in Maghaberry jail] released this morning (April 26) the word “aligned” was used.

This has been misunderstood as an amalgamation of Continuity IRA POWs and Roe 4 POWs. Continuity IRA POWs will continue to maintain their own independence and integrity but both groups will in future cooperate on the prison wing with respect to prison conditions etc.



POWs denied access to dental treatment

Republican POWs in Maghaberry jail are routinely denied access to dental treatment.

In February Martin Corey requested to see a dentist as a matter of urgency and waited for over three week before he finally saw the dentist. The tooth was broken at gum level which was very painful and sharp and cut into his gum and the inside of his mouth. The excuse given to Martin was that ‘there was no transport available to take him to the dentist’. Strange excuse seeing as how the dentist goes into the jail.

Last month it was Ciarán Collins who is affected. A remand POW, Ciarán requested the dentist for a hole in his tooth. To date [April 8] he has not seen a dentist and by now Ciaran believes there is an abscess on the tooth – he said he can taste the poison in his mouth. An appointment was made for Good Friday but then cancelled. He was told there was an appointment made for another day but he was appearing via video link to the court.

Like Martin Corey, Ciarán Collins is facing his third week in severe pain, and like Martin he is left waiting while the prison authorities play mind games.

An animal would not be left like this, in pain for over three weeks. Would the screws allow the drugs dogs they use to stay in pain for three weeks? I think not, as the SPCA would have something to say about it.

A full run down of the Martin Corey case is on YouTube

Cáit Trainor, Chairperson of the Martin Corey Campaign, speaking of the internment of Martin Corey at the Annual Rosemary Nelson Memorial in Conway Mill, Belfast on March 14, 2013 can be viewed on:


Easter 2013 Statement from C.I.R.A. POWs

A chairde is a comradaithe

It is a great honor that we – the Republican POWs in Maghaberry – have this opportunity once again to address you, the people of Ireland and abroad, on this the 97th anniversary of the 1916 Rising. We extend Easter greetings to our comrades, friends and supporters not just in Ireland but throughout the world. We would also like to thank Republican Sinn Féin and CABHAIR for all the work done on our behalf. We extend special greetings to our families whose support is invaluable.

To our comrades on the outside, we extend hearty congratulations and admiration on your continued defiance of British rule, your efforts to build the Republican Movement in the face of adversity is a testimony to your courage and principles. It is clear to see that the legacy of the 1916 Rising lives on. Only by standing firm to the principles of genuine Republicanism will we see our country realise its destiny as a free nation.

The legacy of the insurrection in 1916 and the sacrifices made by so many Irish Patriots has inspired us to withstand the dreadful conditions of our imprisonment. We are aware that we are only the latest generation of Irish Republicans who have been imprisoned for struggling to free our country and we take encouragement from those who have gone before us.

As Prisoners of War we find ourselves incarcerated due to British Rule in Ireland, your efforts and actions give us great hope. We affirm that Irish Republicanism is alive and vibrant, kept alive by people like you. As Republican Prisoners of War we will not shy away from our duty and we salute all those in Ireland and abroad who work towards the Independence of Ireland by any means necessary.

With three years to go until the Centenary of the Historic Easter Rising, we are confident that our comrades will remain resolute in their attempts to drive the British occupation forces from our country. We pledge our allegiance to the leadership of the Republican Movement and urge all our people to stand with us in our fight against British imperialism.

An Phoblacht Abú

OC, C-IRA POWs Maghaberry jail

Easter 2013


THE following statement was received from the CIRA POWs at the end of February 2013:

“After four months of protest in 2010 an Agreement was reached between prison authorities and Republican prisoners. This Agreement consisted of two main issues.

“The first was the freedom of movement / end to controlled movement.

“The second was strip-searching which consisted of strip-searches in the prison and when entering and leaving the prison. This was signed by independent facilitators. Within days of the Agreement being signed, the prison began reneging on these two main issues.

“Republicans tried to move this on by using the facilitators and negotiating with the prison authorities for 10 months but this was of no avail. It soon became clear the prison authorities had no intention of dealing with these issues, so after 10 months of negotiating, Republican prisoners went back on protest.

“But this time started a full dirty protest which was putting urine and excrement out the side of our cell doors and spreading excrement on our cell walls. Republican prisoners who engaged in this full dirty protest were locked down in their cells for seven weeks, with no contact with their family or legal teams. They were locked down 24 hours a day. They were not allowed out for exercise, showers or phone calls.

After the seven weeks they were allowed out for one hour exercise and the phone and shower once a day. This was because a court case was taken against the prison. Meanwhile anyone going to court was forcibly stripped by five members of the search team. They would hold you on the ground with your arms in a lock so you couldn’t move. They would forcibly remove your clothes then leave one at a time while one held your arm in a lock until they were all out of the cell.

“After 15 months of dirty protest Republican prisoners came to a momentous decision to suspend their protest in November 2012. This was to allow the prison authorities time to implement the Agreement. As of yet, February 2013, there has been no movement by the prison authorities on either controlled movement or strip-searching. We have now got a situation where prison authorities are making things harder on Republican prisoners. Before the protest there were six prisoners out on the wing but now it is back to three. When there are less than five screws it goes down to one or two.

And again they have upped the ante against Republican prisoners by using the drugs’ dog to stop prisoners’ families coming in to visit. Republicans have also been refused compassionate paroles for funerals. Republican prisoners are also being denied home leave because they will not take drugs tests. It is widely accepted by facilitators and prison authorities that the Republican wing is the only drug-free wing in Maghaberry.

— OC, C-IRA POWs Maghaberry jail

February 27, 2013