No treatment for ill POW in Maghaberry jail

At approximately 3.00 am on Tuesday morning June 21, 2015, Republican POW Ciaran Collins became violently ill (vomiting) at the same time becoming overwhelmed and disorientated. At 10am the nurse on duty attended Ciaran in the cell and after hearing the symptoms concluded that Ciaran was suffering from some kind of virus and that he must wait it out, no doctor was sought and no examination was performed.

On Thursday morning June 23 other POWs quickly reacted and sent for the doctor, the doctor on duty, a Doctor Kirk, refused to see Ciaran based on the inadequate evaluation of the nurse. Ciaran will not see the doctor until Monday July 27, by that time having spent the best part of a week in agony.

As of today Saturday, June 25, Ciaran’s condition has worsened his skin is still a very bad colour and he has also started to swell from his pelvic area up into his abdomen.

This is the same sub-standard care that Republican POWs have complained about publicly in the past. Ciaran is now confined to his cell in severe pain unable to move.

O/C Continuity Irish Republican Army POWs
Maghaberry Gaol


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