First ÉIRE NUA Awareness Rally Successful


On the 27th of September 2014 Republican Sinn Féin led by the National Flag, Piper and the Seán Healy Slua of Na Fianna Éireann marched through the streets of Limerick City promoting the revolutionary ‘Éire Nua‘ programme for a Federal Democratic Socialist Republic in a United and Independent Ireland.DSC00953

The reception from the people of Limerick was warm and encouraging with many asking questions about Éire Nua.  One common point taken from the people was that ‘Éire Nua’ was exactly what we needed in Ireland at the present and that the people needed a greater say in their own affairs.

Many hundreds of the new Éire Nua leaflets were handed out along with back copies of SAOIRSE: The Voice of the Republican Movement.20140927_143925

The speakers on the day were Republican Sinn Féin President, Des Dalton and Republican Sinn Féin Ard Chomhairle member Donal Malone.  The event was chaired by National PRO, Geraldine McNamara.

At a time when the Irish people are suffering immensely because of the harsh austerity measures designed to subdue the working classes and protect the profits of privateers and their lackeys in Government it would be remiss of us not to highlight the shameful tactics employed by the Government of the 26 Counties.  Under the ‘Offences against the State Act’ members of Republican Sinn Féin, Na Fianna Éireann and supporters of the call for ‘Éire Nua’ were subjected to being filmed and having their names and addresses taken by Gardaí Special Branch members.  Such intimidatory tactics will always fail and all it achieves is to once more expose the true face of the Leinster House regime.

If you are interested in helping out raising awareness and promoting Éire Nua in your area then you can download the leaflet here: éire nua leaflet

If you are interested in joining Republican Sinn Féin in Limerick City or County or in the Province of Munster fill out the application form here and we will be in contact:  application form

A full and comprehensive report will be in the October issue of SAOIRSE.

10670018_10204980055800356_6391601636699617823_nSpecial Branch Detectives with nothing better to do!


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